Why better than cotton

The reason why Bemberg? is better than cotton


Because Bemberg originates in the natural cotton plant and is reborn with the infusion of human technology, it features both the gentleness of natural fibers and the functionality of man-made fibers. Each Bemberg fiber is extremely fine and has circular cross section, largely free from the unevenness of natural fibers, and uniform in thickness. One touch, and the difference is clear - Bemberg is softer than cotton.


 Image:Bemberg    Image:cotton 
 Bemberg Cotton
Fiber cross section
Bemberg is a near perfect circle in cross section, and has a more uniform thickness than cotton.  This gives Bemberg a smooth, beautiful luster.
Image:Bemberg (single fiber) Image:cotton  (single fiber)
Bemberg (single fiber)  Cotton (single fiber)  


Crystal Structure
Both Bemberg and cotton contain crystalline and amorphous regions.  But Bemberg has a broader amorphous region, which absorbs and retains moisture.
Image:Staple fibers (spun yarn) Image:Continuous filaments
 Staple fibers (spun yarn)   Continuous filaments 
Staple and filament
In contrast to cotton, which is a staple fiber, Bemberg can produce both staple and filament fibers for a wide range of applications.
Attractive features of Bemberg

1: Soft and smooth touch

2: Moisture absorption and release

3: Year-round comfort