Ecological features

Bemberg™ offers true comfort and then returns to the environment

True comfort in the times ahead demands that a product’s burden on the environment be as light as possible.  Bemberg is made from cotton.  It is a material born of nature. As a fiber created with the aid of science, it has wide applications in human life. Afterward, nature takes care of biodegradation and regeneration.  For us, this ensures carefree disposal. Bemberg creates a cycle of gentleness for people and the environment.



Natural material treated with man-made technology delivers comfort to countless users.

  Image:Product Image:Disposal  


Bemberg is biodegradable. The fibers easily decompose in soil and return to their natural state.



The short, downy fibers around the cotton seeds are reborn as Bemberg.  Cotton is an annual plant, and thus is renewable every year.

  Image:Material Image:Growth  


Cotton plants grow absorbing carbon dioxide.

          *Under an average summer condition (35 degrees Celsius; 80% humidity),
            Bemberg loses half its original weight in approximately two months.


Bemberg is Eco Mark certified under the Eco Mark Household Textile Products Version 2 category, because it uses 100% unused fibers as its raw materials. Eco Mark certification is given to products all around us in our everyday lives that have been recognized by the Japan Environment Association (JEA) as playing a useful role in protecting the environment. Bemberg fiber is Eco Mark certified.