Diverse applications

Bemberg™ transcends categories and national boundaries


Bemberg has a broad range of applications. Its gentle touch to the skin makes it ideal for linings, innerwear, and sportswear, its natural texture for adding a polished edge to outerwear. Hence it fits a variety of garments categories, from elegant to casual. Bemberg is currently produced only in Japan, but its use is expanding into a growing number of fields around the world.




♦ Linings

Comfort is an essential element in slipping on a garment.  Bemberg offers a sense of luxury from within.

♦ Outerwear

Bemberg’s natural texture and comfortable touch to the skin meet wide demands from elegant to casual.

♦ Innerwear

Comfort is most important in garments worn directly against the skin.  Bemberg offers the joy of the gentle touch of nature.

♦ Legwear

From gliding smooth textures to cozy warm textures, Bemberg offers the ultimate in hosiery comfort.

♦ Sportswear

Bemberg’s superb qualities even contribute to the world of sports.  It has functionality of cooling down, warming up, and also moisture wicking.

♦ Traditional Costumes

Bemberg’s unique quality makes it the fabric of choice for making luxurious traditional costumes like the saree.

♦ Home textiles

Cool in summer, warm in winter, and comfortable against the skin, Bemberg plays a large part in enriching our lives.