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Cocoon Bobbin (Schiffli Back Yarn)

Cocoon bobbins also known as Schiffli back yarn is exclusively used for the under-thread component in multi-needle lockstitch "Schiffli" embroidery and quilting machines. The bobbin will have a major effect on the quality of the end product, be it embroidery or quilting. By careful choice of thread and finish combinations, Bhagirath bobbins are engineered to sew accurately and consistently through the total length of the bobbin. Tension remains the same beginning to end, enabling maximum consistency across a full machine loading. This reduces waste and downtime ensuring a high quality of quilted product.


Performance Characteristics


The bobbin does not collapse when partly used, even in modern machines working at up to 500 RPM, and likewise, age and heat do not affect the bobbin performance.

Accuracy of Sizing

Extreme care is taken in the production process to determine the size and running length of each individual bobbin, enabling machines to be batch loaded with the confidence that the bobbins will run out consistently. Each bobbin has a specification not only for absolute length and width, but also for weight. Such a commitment to accuracy is achieved by a dedicated workforce.


The threads used in the manufacture of our bobbins are carefully chosen to give the optimum balance of tenacity and length, increasing the quilted meters before the necessary shuttle change. The bobbin thread recommended will therefore have a tenacity to meet the requirements of the finished fabric.


For Embroidery use,

  • 100% Spun Polyester: 80’s/2, 70’s/2 and 60’s/2
  • 100% Polynosic spun: 60’s/2
  • 100% Polyester filament: 100D

For Quilting use,

  • 100% Nylon filament: 100D/2, 70D/2, 60D/2, and 60D/3
  • 100% Spun Polyester: 40’s/2 and 50’s/2

We manufacture Cocoon bobbins of all sizes, Bleached and Dyed for all kinds of Schiffli Embroidery and Quilting Machines.


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